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Do You need comprehensive building specyfications or help
in the investment implementation proces in the monuments?
Team of Civil Engineers AŁYKOW
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Preparation and supervision over the implementation of the investment.
Technical and legal services in the field of planning and conducting construction projects:
  • assistance in the preparation of applications for funding
  • estimating investment’s costs
  • assistance in selecting a contractor for works
  • supervision
  • assistance in the settlement of subsidies         
We specialize in preparing comprehensive design for civil engineering structures in secular and sacred monumental architecture.

Technological Evaluation, including Repair Procedures

We test structural elements with the use of our NDT equipment (Non-Destructive Testing) to evaluate the properties of structures without causing damage:
  • technical condition (damage degree) of wood structural elements
    - Resistograph
  • technical condition of wood joinery
    - Resistograph
  • porosity and permeability of rocks and bricks
    - The Mirowski Method
  • the hydrophobisation efficiency of rock and brick elements
    - The Karsten Method
  • the surface moisture of walls and wood elements
    - The Electroresistance Method
  • wall moisture content by weight
    - The Drying-Weighing Method
  • degree of salinity of walls (for the purpose of quality restoration plaster)
    - The Index Method
  • type of salt (for the purpose of quality restoration plaster)
    - The Index Method
  • compressive strength of rock and ceramic elements in walls, floors and vaults  
    - The Sclerometric Method
  • crack opening in structural elements and the assessment of their stability

Court-Appointed and Pre-Trial Expert Witness Reports

Making expert-witness reports ordered by court and pre-trial reports on building and architecture
  • preparing construction projects for implementation with the observance of procedural requirements (checking construction documentation for completeness and technical correctness)
  • project implementation observing procedural, legal and technical requirements
  • determining workmanship deficiencies during the project implementation process
  • estimation of workmanship deficiencies repair used as a basis for a claim for compensation

Preparation and supervision of project implementation

Technical and legal services, including planning and management of construction projects
  • assistance in preparing applications for additional funding
  • project appraisal
  • assistance in selecting a contractor
  • investor’s supervision
  • assistance in subsidies accounting


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